On Kawara

12 March – 1 April 2022
Opening Saturday 12 March from 6 to 9pm

Exhibition dedicated to On Kawara, 
with the artist’s major works produced as editions and published by mfc-michèle didier

I READ, 1966–1995/2017
I GOT UP, 1968–1979/2008
I WENT, 1968–1979/2007
I MET, 1968–1979/2004
One Million Years, 1970/1999

During the exhibition, different sessions of One Million Years reading will take place. Since 1993 and conforming to the artist’s wishes, the readings are performed according to a protocol by two voices of opposite tessituras for each performance.

If you want to participate to the readings, please contact ASAP 
hello@saint-martin-bookshop.com or call +32 487 13 65 72

Readings of One Million Years by On Kawara (already booked)
Sat 12/03 - 7pm
Wed 16/03 - 2pm - 5pm - 6pm
Sat 19/03 - 11am
Wed 23/03 - 5pm
Sat 26/03 - 11am
Wed 30/03 - 7pm
Fri 01/04 - 7pm

Exceptional production of a poster in partnership with the One Million Years Foundation.
All proceeds from the sale will be donated to a charity that supports the education of young children.

Screening of Yuki Okumura’s film, The Man Who, 2019, HD video, 116 minutes 15 seconds, courtesy Misako & Rosen, Tokyo.
A series of interviews conducted by Yuki Okumura in December 2018 and January and February 2019. This film contains memories, or description of memories, of «him», narrated by nine individuals. This film will be shown with other elements by the artist as an «exhibition within the exhibition». 


Special thanks to the One Million Years Foundation onemillionyearsfoundation.org, and Michèle Didier.