Lucid Strolls, Second rummination

Vernissage & Booksigning
Thursday October 5th from 5PM
Exhibition till November 4th

The exhibition is a follow up of "Lucid Strolls", which started at Damien and the Love Guru in September, and is still open for visits until 28th of October. There you will find places, models that seem like possible stages for scenarios not yet written. Social networks become materially visible, appear and disappear again. 

Here at Saint Martins Bookshop, you find yourself in the second part. You seem to wander through similar places. Maybe you find stories here that could have taken place in the houses you found in the first part. 

You will find drawings from the series Tracer by Mathis Pfäffli, as well as a cinematic essay, a recent collaboration between Arnaud Wohlhauser and Mathis Pfäffli.

The title Tracer refers to a tool for tracing, the person tracing, and also the trace. The word also refers to the professions of graphic artist or technical draughtsman. You will find a kind of picture story, drawn with graphite on paper, in which real buildings encounter fictive spaces; futuristic architecture meets hybrid landscapes with leafless trees and technoid objects. Forms that are rooted in popular culture, but also derive from aesthetics of past utopian theories. They blend to form fantastic and partly uncanny worlds. The series is also part of the publication Tracer, published in 2022 by Spector Books, Leipzig.

In another room you might discover a hiding place, a tent, a cave. From here a path leads through strange corridors, built thousands of years ago or in contrary just recently, its hard to determine. Deep in the rocks you find yourself in a feverish dream. Perhaps it is the entrance to a prehistoric subway network that connected the anarchic communities of this early world. Maybe you feel like entering a memory of a child inventing its hiding place, imagining its own house or refuge.  

In collaboration with Damien & The Love Guru