Saturday March 4 from 5:00 pm


"Imagine being in a world of water, deserted from the mainland. Where detachment controls your actions and being isolated becomes a new state of mind.

When I found myself on the Primula, these feelings transformed into images. The emotions that could be experienced after losing oneself are represented by different views of land and sea. As an outsider, I caught a glimpse of the life within these massive walls of steel. All connections got lost between head & body and vessel & mainland. 

Yet the Primula kept sailing as a world on its own. Aside from the different faces of the ocean, the rising and the setting of the sun and the changing of the people onboard, the ship kept on going."



Rana Van Pellecom (b. 22/04/1999)
On March 22nd 2016 I stood in the departure hall of Brussels Airport Zaventem when a terrorist attack took place. The following years I operated through my life on autopilot with an always active flight-fight response. My search for tranquility found its way to photography. My images are a way for me to escape my thoughts and calm down. The serenity I try to capture became a staple in my work and can take on different forms depending on the project.