Collective exhibition
Opening Friday May 31, from 5 to 8
till Saturday June 22

Curated by Florent Frizet 
assisted by Léane Lloret for

igni (fire in Latin) is an ongoing nomadic curatorial project focusing on the athenian scene, where the modalities of apparition and disappearance of the artworks are at the center of attention. Fire can also be dangerous. It serves as a reminder of reality, urging us not only to be amazed by it but also to be able to face it. It is about remaining conscious of our surroundings.

Originally known as one of the oldest palindrome from antiquity, in girum imus nocte ecce et consumimur igni, was also used by Guy Debord for an eponymous movie.

w/ Nina Byttebier, Léo Chesneau, Elena Chantzis, Emeline Depas, Katerina Komianou, Robin Leforestier, Chloé Royer, Eric Stephany, Oriol Vilanova, Paky Vlassopoulou, Tore Wallert, Camille Yvert

Shouted poem by Suzie Crespin Thirode

Books from Sun/Sun Éditions by Charlotte Nieuwenhuys and Odyssseas Simos, Ella Villaumié